Collection: Handbags

Explore the unique essence of our collection of leather bags, where craftsmanship fuses with style in every detail. Each piece in this exclusive collection is meticulously handcrafted, highlighting the skill and care of our artisans.

From the elegant "Festi" that exudes classic charm to the versatile "Llave Largo" and its compact counterpart, the "Llave Corto", each bag tells a story of elegance and functionality. The " Muralla Grande" and "Muralla Pequeno" series pay tribute to the historic walls of Toledo, fusing authenticity with contemporary design.

The collection also embraces the heavenly softness of the "Cloud", inviting you to feel lightness and sensuality in every movement. And let's not forget the "Charrúa" backpack, which captures the adventurous essence and resistance inspired by the bravery of the Charrúa people.

Dive into our collection of handmade leather bags, where elegance meets authenticity in every creation, carrying exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive style with you every step of your day.